Who is Boggy Creek Pond Supply?


Boggy Creek Pond Supply, LLC sells products for managing lakes, ponds and water gardens including pond liners, water treatments, fountains, aerators, algae control, skimmers, fish food, pumps, beneficial bacteria, pond microbes, pond enzymes, and more. Browse our selection of pond supply products for garden ponds and waterfalls.

This website is different from other pond product sites you will find. Boggy Creek Pond Supply was created by professional lake and pond managers, aquatic biologists, and commercial aquatic applicators. Throughout these web pages our staff of experts will share their knowledge on managing water resources.

We have a great selection of pond supply products and information available for you on our website and blog. Our goal is to provide you with the right products for your lake or pond, along with the knowledge to use them properly. We hope you will benefit from the information that we provide with our products, and we appreciate your support of our business!

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Biology – What’s Going on in There This Winter?

Winter can be a very difficult time for your pond and its inhabitants. Winters like this year’s can be especially lethal with the extreme cold and snow. Thick ice and snow layers will block sunlight penetration and limit or completely stop photosynthesis. This means plants stop giving off oxygen and will die. The added organic matter that slowly decomposes will also use up more oxygen. Altogether, this leads to a dangerous oxygen situation for your fish.

Winterkill is very common in some areas of the country and some ponds. Severe winters can bring winterkill to areas that are not accustomed to experiencing them. The easiest and most effective way to prevent winterkill is to maintain a small amount of open water in your pond or lake. Studies have shown it only takes 1-2% of the total surface area to remain open in order to prevent winterkill.

The unique property of water that causes slightly warmer water to be more dense than the colder, surface water allows de-icers to work and more importantly allows for life on earth. Think of it this way; if solid state water (ice) were more dense than liquid state (like every other compound), all water would freeze completely solid during the winter because ice would sink allowing the top to continue to freeze. Luckily for us, ice is less dense and floats on the warmer, liquid water.

De-icers or Robust-Aire diffusers are ideal for creating and maintaining open water areas. These work by moving the warmer, more dense water from the bottom, up to the surface. The warmer water melts and prevents ice from forming, creating an open water area for oxygen to dissolve into the water and for harmful gases to vent into the atmosphere. This gas exchange is critical to the health of your fish and your pond.

Don’t let mother nature dictate whether your fish live or die this winter. Take charge of your pond and keep your fish alive with Kasco’s help.

Fall and Winter Maintenance for Water Gardens & Small Ponds

Fall pond and water garden maintenance is a very important part of your pond care regardless of the climate you live in. The following are some tips to help keep your pond ecologically balanced through fall and winter.
1) Remove Leaves and Debris: This should be done as soon as possible. The more leaves and organic matter in the water, the more biological activity, such as decomposition and nutrient release, will occur. Skim the leaves out with a small net or by hand before they can sink to the bottom of the pond or water garden. Once cleaned, place a larger pond net over the water body to prevent additional leaves and debris from entering the water. Boggy Creek Pond Supply has a wide variety of nets to choose from.
2) Clean the Pond: After the leaves and larger debris have been removed, your pond will need a good fall cleaning. This is especially important if you have fish that will remain in the pond over winter. Products like Pond Logic Oxy-Lift™ Defense®, part of the DefensePAC®, help lift debris off rocks and other surfaces, bringing it to the surface for easier removal. The Easy Pro™ Pond Monsta Vacuum cleaning system or Matala® Muck Buster Vacuum both offer easy, effective ways to remove this additional debris from your pond or water garden.
3) Pond Equipment: Thoroughly clean and inspect pond filters, aerators and pumps. Store any equipment that will not be used over the winter in a shelter where there is no risk of freezing or damage. Pumps that will be left running should be moved to well below the freezing line. Prepare de-icers, etc for installation.
4) Adjust Bacteria: As the weather changes, the amount and type of bacteria you use in your pond should also change. Cool weather bacteria speed up the decomposition of leaves, scum and sediment that, if left to accumulate, can feed algae and form toxic gasses. Natural bacteria products like Seasonal Defense® With Barley and Aquascape™ Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria reduce organic material and improve water quality.
5) Adjust the Water: pH should be 7.0 for pond treatments to work effectively. There are fish safe products that lower or raise pH levels. Ammonia and nitrates should be at 0 ppm. These toxins come from fish waste and decaying matter. They are toxic to fish and a great source of food for algae. Pond test kits are available and easy to use. Pond salt helps fish generate slime which protects them from disease. Pond salt helps reduce stress and keep fish healthy. Pond salt levels should not exceed .15% in ponds with plants and .3% in ponds without plants.
6) Adjust Fish Food: In the fall, your fish will naturally start to transition into their dormancy state as the weather cools. At this time, you should gradually reduce the amount of food you feed your fish. When water temperatures fall below 60°F, the fish should be fed a food that is formulated for their transition into winter. These foods generally contain less protein and are easier to digest. Boggy Creek Pond Supply carries a variety of specialty fish foods. Aquascape™Cold Water Fish Food Pellets, Easy Pro™ Platinum Cold Water Fish Food and Microbe Lift Cold Water Fish Food are all specialty cold water choices. When water temperatures fall below 40°F, you should stop feeding your fish for the winter. Keeping a pond thermometer at hand to accurately measure water temperature is a good idea.
7) Fish Needs: If your fish overwinter in the pond, running an aerator, pond heater or de-icer is a must. This will allow a small hole to remain open in the ice that covers your pond. Toxic gasses are released through this hole instead of becoming trapped in the water column and killing your fish. Do not try to break a hole in the ice as this can send out shock waves that can hurt or kill the fish. A pond net is also a good idea if there are predators in the area. As their metabolism slows, the fish become easy prey to raccoons, birds, and other predators. A pond net offers them some protection.
8) Plant Care: Cut back dead or dying foliage in the fall. Move hardy marginal pond plants into deeper water, several inches below the freezing line. Tropical marginal pond plants need to be brought indoors and kept moist, preferably by a window.
All of the products you need to successfully clean and winterize your pond or water garden are available at Boggy Creek Pond Supply. Their friendly staff can also answer any questions or concerns you may have.